【 KEN桑男士剪燙技術細節首次揭秘 】 .

【 KEN桑男士剪燙技術細節首次揭秘 】

超大咖!台灣髮型師 Yotuber 開山之祖 KEN桑 @kensan666 kensan666 的線上課來了~首次公開自己的長髮剪燙技術,以電影《沙丘》裡的男主角 Timothée Chalamet 作為主要中長髮類型分享,回流率9成以上的不敗男士中長髮,一不小心「裸露」太多,課程 即 刻 預 購 開 跑 啦!

《 男士中長髮:型男浪人燙 》線上課程

【Men’s Medium length Hairstyle: Ronin Perm】
A Super big and popular cast is here! Taiwan hair stylist and Youtube group Ken Sang’s online class is here~ For the first time, he revealed his long hair cutting technique. The male protagonist Timothée Chalamet in the movie “Dune” is used as the main medium as the sample of the long hairstyle that Ken Sang wishes to acquire. With too much leaks about the techniques used, the pre-order of the online course is now available!